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Dicky Davies  
Wednesday, 23. September 2009 23:46  Write a comment

Just to say a massive thanks to you for all your hard work and efforts in putting together a wonderful evening and joining together of two Ships companies. Both my wife Michelle and I had a tremendous time at Flying Fox and my only regret is not getting on the mic to put out a BZ to you during the evening so apologies for that. I will make it up to you next time. A couple of points worthy of mention on Daily Orders:
1.Food was of the highest order. I had to go round again a couple of times...
2.Bar Staff were wonderful, polite, pleasant and extremely courteous (Bar prices fantastic...)
3.Venue was very well dressed up and no doubt took a lot of organising inc Perry buoys that looked great side by side.
4.Your organisation efforts (inc Mrs Lester) overall including: raffle, money return, venue, DJ, Danae T'shirts etc... great stuff.
I can't praise you enough for what you did for us all and I say that on behalf of all present on the night, those that failed to show or did not bother is their loss and an opportunity missed is one lost forever.
I hope you managed to relax on the night and enjoy your hard work and toil from a long time organising and arranging. Thanks again mate and I will look forward to our next gathering at a time, date and venue to be decided. I intend to have a sneaky look at a possible gathering in Gib 2010/11...???
Warm regards to you and Mrs L and I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future. Bravo Zulu...
Yours Aye,
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