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Monday, 23. April 2018 11:12
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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Harry Gillespie  
Friday, 5. June 2009 08:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

Served on the 72-74 far east trip
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John 'Scouse' Carroll  
West Kirby, Wirral
Thursday, 4. June 2009 09:59  Write a comment Send E-mail

Bristol would have been a bit more central to me a couple of years ago - lived in K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M '95 to '07 but came back to God's country. Hope to make it this time though, I'll break into my piggy bank. Where's all the 1970 - 72 crowd, they can't all have gone to that great Armada Club in the sky?
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Ashley Martin  
Tuesday, 2. June 2009 15:09  Write a comment Send E-mail

I joined Danae in 1989 until 1991 for her final commission, I was Ship's Flight but spent most of the time in the Buffers Store drinking wobbly coffees!

Please visit my website to keep in touch
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Jack Frost  
Thursday, 26. March 2009 21:56  Write a comment

Hi Ray and All
Thanks to Dicky for the hard work and the old and new drinking chums who got together for a brilliant run last Saturday. I had a really great time and am looking to the next event to meet up with even more of you shipmates that are out there!!
Yours Aye
Jack Frost
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Thursday, 26. March 2009 19:12  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi all
Another good run by the looks of it, sorry to have missed it, but then apart from some of the names and locations having changed. I am sure the gutters look the same as the last time I ended up in them !!

maybe next time
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Keith Pearson  
United Kingdom
Wednesday, 25. March 2009 14:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

It looks rather like it was the typical "Guzz run", and at least now I know for definate that the Two Trees is open and not condemned to the history books.
Seriously though, well done lads for getting together and keeping the old Danae Spirit alive and well.
for the next one could I suggest a more Central Location that would allow more people to attend . Blackpool, which lets be honest, has seen its fair share of pissedds in the past, could no doubt handle us for another.
Cheers from Jock Pearson in Bonnie Scotland.
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Dave Howse aka H  
Wednesday, 25. March 2009 13:54  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear all, i am sorry to have missed this years re-union (2009). Its been 23 years since ive seen anything of all my old oppos. A big shout out to all the TAS APES from 3MS Mess 84-86. Ive just got back into contact with Jim Davies, Scouse Hardcastle & Phil Bridge after all this time( i suppose an RP is better than no-one?). Hopefully i will get around to organising to getting everyone up here for a proper run ashore!!! Sippers Shippers H
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Jim O'Hara  
Polzeath Cornwall
Wednesday, 25. March 2009 10:16  Write a comment Send E-mail

I was quite envious looking at all the photos. Had a long look at the impressive muster list and apart from you & Ronnie, I could not honestly remember anyone! Though it is 26 years since I last saw some of them!

Looks like you all had a great night(s). Keep up the great work that you do through your website to keep us all together. I promise to try harder to be at the next re-union.
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Ray Lester  
Wednesday, 25. March 2009 00:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

The Guestbook is back on line now ..........What great reunion last weekend Many thanks to Dicky Davies for all his fine efforts that made it so successful...... check out the main site for photies and if you have any please send them through to me and I'll put them up..........Its time to start planning the next one so all those that couldn't make it last time can try and make it to ..... so lets have some suggestions for places etc.......

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Danae Martell  
Wednesday, 17. October 2007 15:52  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello, Just wanted to say. I love coming on this site and reading all the emails people have sent in etc. I just wish I had discovered it whilst my father was still alive.

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