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Wash Up


Wash Up
Bob Rutherford
Jim OHara
Neil Owen
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13th - 15th April 2007

Friday evening was a time for catching up with old oppos and meeting new, especially the crew of the Undaunted who in slightly greater numbers than the Danae crew were a great bunch of lads and in true matelot tradition became  instant oppos. The Wives and Partners were introduced and the verbals and ear bending's started in earnest.

For me it was great to see what was once young men of 19 and early 20's now as middle aged men and getting on with us 'gerry hat tricks' ........... Ronnie Gloster who's own children are now about the same age as he was when I first met him on the Danae, and he still has that same laugh ......... Frank Twiss I didn't recognise until he said "hello Ray" and smiled, I nearly fell over, it was as if 25 years has passed in the blink of an eye .............. a little later in the bar when Steve Owen collapsed he went down backwards as if stood to attention, Ronnie was begging Frank not to give him more liquid, hotel tell bar staff thought enough beverage had been consumed and preferred not to serve any more, undeterred Frank, having grown his arms for the occasion, resorted to 'self service', which if nothing else proved to be a lot cheaper.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn't recognise any of the stokers but shock and horror, the only thing that had changed was Dave Power's dress (see photo when on Danae). Badger Brookes turned his place into a stokers mess for the weekend, and I thought they were going to have a right OD's run, but I think time has passed such that in the main the Stokers were very well behaved, and I know had a good time, I think Jess Yates had his big smile on all weekend and Jimmy Hodgson had lost his dimples and looked a proper gent.

Bob McIntyre looked great, and to me hadn't changed a bit and Jim O'Hara is now dyeing his hair trying to look old ........ the pair of them hit it off with a few of the Undaunted crew and were seen to enjoy themselves.

Mitch seemed to have a permanent smile on his face which I guess had something to do with his difficulty in getting passed the bar, but in his defence it was situated right at the bottom of the stairs and to get to the rooms you had to try and look the other way as you passed otherwise you got sucked in.

It was good to meet the earlier crew members of the 70's the likes of Bob 'Jock' Rutherford, Brian 'Barney' Barnard, Brian Johnson and Slinger wood - and the later 80's crew of Phil Guest, Dave Howse, Ian Hardcastle, Jim Davis, Mark Elphick and Neil 'Frenchie' Owen.

The Saturday Evening Meal and Disco was a great night - The food was well prepared and presented and a big 'Bravo Zulu' went out to the Hotel Staff. We presented the Hotel with Ship's Crest of HMS Danae and HMS Undaunted which were paid for from the proceeds of the raffle.

After the meal and during the "Disco" we had a raffle for a couple of bottles of alcohol.......... it was suggested by Brian Johnson that after expenses the proceeds, albeit a small donation, go to Chesterfield Sea Cadets " TS Danae" as The Undaunted crew had no connection as such I asked if there was any objection or other cause............. It was agreed that the Sea Cadets receive the benefit........... anyway A Bootle of Woods was won by Whiskey "snaps" Walker (Undaunted) who promptly put it back on the table and an auction began, the bidding went up to 42 and won by Bill Bailey / Kevan O'Hare (Undaunted) A bottle of Bells was won by Jimmy "scouse"  Hodgson who also promptly put it back on the table and an auction began the bidding went up to 30 and won by a crate of Carlsberg was won and put back, no-one would start the bidding so John Bryant (auctioneer) said right starting at 20 I will bid down to the lowest offer...... Slinger Wood (Undaunted & Danae) shouted 19.......... I then jumped in and said "no more bids please" ..........well done Slinger, who passed all the cans around the tables.......the last raffle prise of a crate of Kronenbourg 1664 was won by me so I took it home...................... A cheque for 160 has been sent to the Chesterfield Sea Cadets ..............well done and Thank You to all of you.

Thank you to all the crew of the Undaunted and a special mensh to Whiskey "snaps" Walker for being round every corner with his Camera and as you will see was responsible for a set of great photographs.

'Timeant Daneios'

'Let them fear those belonging to Danae'


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